You Finally Broke Me

I’m done with you and your shit. You terrorize me daily, yet you evade capture. Well let me tell you, you horrible person, I’m tired of your mouth that spews hatred and lies, your cold eyes that can never find mine, and your empty heart that holds no love. So please, get out of my […]

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It’s Worse at Night

It’s worse at night. The depression that is. Well I don’t want to self-diagnose myself because I’m no doctor and it seems extremely selfish to say I have depression when people actually suffer from it. So for now I’ll say that I’m “feeling depressed.” It comes at night. At night, I am alone. I’m left […]

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Fervent Distress

I took our pictures off the wall today. The once bright and colorful moments I captured with you now looked dull and frayed. My smile was cheerful, yet my eyes depicted a worn and tired look. Your smile was fake. For hours I screamed at your photo, and I acted as if you could hear […]

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Fulfill This Desire of Mine

Am I conceited? Abnormal, maybe Because I need to hear people say my name? This phenomenon confuses me, but when I’m called by name My heart swells, and I’m overcome by a sense of belonging Address me Let me hear Actually Breathe I’m here Acknowledge me In order to fill this internal desire So I […]

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Empty Garden

On the top of a lonely mountain stood a garden lined with cobblestone paths and verdant hedges that joined together to form an inviting maze. Stone statues looked as if they danced around the gazebos, fountains, and through the variety of pink and purple daisies. Though everywhere leading up to the garden was deserted, this […]

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Alicia’s Bridal Shower!!

Today, roughly 34 days before her wedding, was Alicia’s bridal shower, and I’m proud to say that it went well! Thank God. As an 18 year old adult…”adult,” I’ve never been to a bridal shower, let alone been a part of planning and hosting one…it would be an understatment to say I was pretty clueless. […]

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I feel disconnected: detached. Maybe as I write this, I’m physically here, but I feel disassociated. I can’t tell if it’s a good or bad thing yet. Actually, maybe it’s a bad thing. I wish someone would touch me to let me know that I’m here. I hate to think of how big the world […]

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