Behind her back you slithered, slithered to her friend You wrapped your filthy lies around her, and she suffocated her body grew cold. her friend died   You slid and crawled, hoisted your slit self along to her you thought of her as “easy prey” as you sank your fangs into her flesh. poisoned, you […]

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Missing you II.

We both work…a lot. Well you most definitely work more than I do, but I’d like to think that I’ve begun to pull my weight. Either way, work depresses me because I see less of you… a lot less. It really bothers me because I know I’ll be leaving soon, and you’ll never know how […]

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“Forsaken” The Innocent stole away Despair which left The Beguiled alone   “Frightened” She fled Distraught, we were distraught   “Unforgiven” Threats filled the air we held steadfast, we tried   “Manipulative” Tears fell Laughter erupted She claimed betrayal. She betrayed us, me   “Malicious Intent” Sin natured, Inclined to sin She, she is inclined […]

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You Finally Broke Me

I’m done with you and your shit. You terrorize me daily, yet you evade capture. Well let me tell you, you horrible person, I’m tired of your mouth that spews hatred and lies, your cold eyes that can never find mine, and your empty heart that holds no love. So please, get out of my […]

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It’s Worse at Night

It’s worse at night. The depression that is. Well I don’t want to self-diagnose myself because I’m no doctor and it seems extremely selfish to say I have depression when people actually suffer from it. So for now I’ll say that I’m “feeling depressed.” It comes at night. At night, I am alone. I’m left […]

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Fervent Distress

I took our pictures off the wall today. The once bright and colorful moments I captured with you now looked dull and frayed. My smile was cheerful, yet my eyes depicted a worn and tired look. Your smile was fake. For hours I screamed at your photo, and I acted as if you could hear […]

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